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We are pleased to recommend Bees Universe Apiaries as a source of quality Ontario bees, fat and prolific layers. They are selected from Carniola, Russian and Italian queens.

Bees Universe ships queen bees up until mid-October.

Please call us at (416) 819-2337 for more information or to place your order.

Bees Universe Apiaries offers Honey Bees under a strict quality control program.

After June 1, the price of queens goes down and the quality goes up. Summer and late fall are when you should re-queen and make splits for next year.

Additional Services: Marking Queens: available only on mailed queens.


We will begin taking orders on January 3rd

Five frame nucs with Ontario queens. Available for pickup between May 20 and June 15 on a first ordered - first supplied basis. Drop off your own nuc box in advance and we will fill it. All bees will be already treated and inspected at pickup.

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